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Tax, VAT, Advisory, Financing, Business Related Documentation & Approval in Bangladesh



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Ganonik provide a wide range of services to individuals and businesses, including audit, tax & VAT, advisory, personal and business finance, documentation, and legal through online and offline. We founded it in 2023 and are dedicated to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. We are passionate about help our client’s success, and we are committed to provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed financial decisions, complete their proper documentation & approval and legal services along with calculation on Bangladesh Laws, tax-vat. Our services are available to businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals. If you are looking for a personal or business consultancy that can provide you with the expert advice and support you need, then

Ganonik is the right company for you. We have a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the local market. We are committed to providing high-quality service and helping each and every client to achieve their financial goals. If you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you with your finances; tax-VAT and legal activities, then Ganonik is the right company for you.

Tax, VAT, Advisory, Financing, Business Related Documentation & Approval in Bangladesh
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“Ganonik” Empowers Customers Through Business and Financial Legal Solutions.

“Ganonik” is a company dedicated to providing individuals and corporations with the legal services they need to navigate the complexities of business and finance. Their comprehensive approach ensures customers receive the support necessary to achieve their goals.


We safeguard your finances. “Ganonik” offers to help internal and external audits to ensure compliance, identify risks, and provide assurance on the accuracy of your financial statements.


“Ganonik” simplifies your taxes. We offer comprehensive tax planning, filing, and advisory services for individuals and businesses, ensuring compliance and maximizing your tax advantage.


“Ganonik” empowers your business. We provide accounting, payroll, and corporate finance services, alongside process development and consulting to optimize your financial health and decision-making.


“Ganonik” streamlines your finances. From bookkeeping and payroll to secretarial services and feasibility studies, we handle everything so you can focus on running your business.

Documentation & Approval

“Ganonik” navigates your business startup. We handle legal registrations, branding, policy creation, and all necessary documentation to ensure a smooth launch.

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“Ganonik” is a user-friendly service provider for consumers. Follow these three simple steps to get the right service the right way.

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“Ganonik” is a user-friendly service provider for consumers. Follow these three simple steps to get the right service the right way.

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  1. Statutory Audit :
  • External Audit
  • Consolidated Audit
  • Project Audit
  • NGOB Audit
  • PNGO Audit
  • PF Audit
  • GF Audit
  • WPPF Audit
  1. Internal Audit :
  • Work with internal audit function to assess the possible risk and deficiency of existing control system
  • Redesign the control map to align the business strategy
  • Recommend the possible safeguards that reduce any threats to an acceptable level
  1. Others:
  • Asses and evaluation of financial transactions is free from material misstatement
  • Assess whether Financial statements is prepared in accordance with the IAS/IFRS/ GAAP, relevant laws, rules and regulations
  • Provide reasonable assurance regarding financial statements provide a true and fair view
  • Review internal control system, identify the weakness, provide impact of control weakness and possible recommendations
  1. SMAC assistance to its client to :
  • Identify and manage tax risks
  • Take pressure o? tax fling
  • Gain control on compliance obligations
  • Avoid tax accounting and reporting pitfall
  1. Direct/Corporate Tax:

To meet our objective SMAC others its clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services.

  1. Corporate tax retainer services (Where retainer is provided) :
  • Review and submission of return U/S 75 A
  • Advising on proper withholding tax and VAT from payment
  • Collection of TDS and VDS challan and submission
  • Preparation of monthly TDS & Salary TDS return and submission to the concerned authority
  1. Corporate tax return (Where retainer is not provided) :
  • Computation of Quarterly Advance Income Tax (AIT) and deposit to the same to Govt. Treasury
  • Income tax computation, return submission
  • Obtaining income tax clearance certificate
  1. Assessment/ Appeal to CT/ Appeal to TAT/ Assenting in Review Application :
  • Assessment at DCT level
  • Revised assessment at DCT level after set aside by CT (Appeal), Tribunal
  • Appeal against the order of the DCT
  • Appeal fled by the assesses against the order of the CT (Appeal)
  • Assisting client in fling reference application against the order of the Taxes Appellate Tribunal
  • Assessment of withholding tax return (if return u/s 75(A) is selected for Audit)
  1. Tax Advisory :
  • Tax Health checkup, Tax Retainer Services, TIN registration, Transaction Compliance, Tax Consultancy
  1. Tax Exemption & Approval :
  • Provident Fund Exemption, Provident Fund Approval, Gratuity Fund Exemption, Gratuity Fund Approval, WPPF Exemption
  1. Personal Income Tax :
  • Tax planning, Income tax computation, return submission
  1. Transfer Pricing :
  • Statement of international transactions
  • Transfer pricing documentation and study report
  • Issuance of chartered accountant’s certificate
  1. Indirect Tax

Local government is more concern to increase revenue through collecting indirect tax. Thus the regulations imposed by the authority is more rigid, which is made more difficult to manage the Indirect tax compliance now more than ever. SMAC has expertise to provide solution to its clients to face the indirect tax challenges.

  1. Retainer Services :
  • Monthly VAT return (Mushak 19) preparation & submission
  • Review of the transactions as to whether VAT is deducted as sources
  • Deposited to the Government exchequer on timely basis and to the right code of accounts
  1. VAT Consulting :
  • VAT Registration & address change
  • Revenue and VDS reconciliation
  • VAT assessment at various level (Assistant Commissioner/Commissioner/Appellate Tribunal), documents preparation & review, attending hearing on behalf of client
  1. VAT Advisory :
  • VAT health check up
  • Advice to client as per client requirement/questionnaire
  1. Customs Duty :
  • Customs Duty-Advisory
  • Customs Duty-Compliance
    1. Accounting Services :
    • Accounts Preparation (Monthly, Quarterly & Annual)
    • PF Accounts Preparation
    • WPPF Accounts Preparation
    • Accounting Advisory
    • FDI Reporting
    • Accounts Review
    • Financial Review
    • ERP Implementation
    1. Payroll Services :
    • Monthly payroll processing
    • Payroll tax computation and deduction
    • Salary advice
    • Online pay slip and tax computation
    • Deposition of monthly deducted tax
    • Final settlement calculation
    • Issue of annual investment notice
    • Issue of annual salary certificate
    • Monthly return of employees’ tax
    • Annual return of employees’ tax
    1. Corporate Finance Services :
    • Financial Due Diligence
    • Tax Due Diligence
    • Valuation
    • Merger
    • Feasibility Study
    1. Business Process Developments :
    • Development of Financial Manual and Policy
    • Development of Procurement Manual
    • SOP Preparation for Finance & Accounts Department
    • SOP Preparation for Corporate Finance
    • SOP Preparation for Corporate Finance
    • SOP Preparation for VAT Management
    • SOP Preparation for Inventory & Fixed Assets Management
    • SOP Preparation for Supply Chain Management
    1. Company provides its client other consulting services like :
    • Physical Verification of Inventory
    • Fixed Asset Verification
    • Preparation of Fixed Assets Register
    • Preparation of Inventory Register
    • Cost Certification
    • Price Verification
    • Legalization
  1. Accounting/Bookkeeping Service

These are comprehensive finance and accounting services that may include some or all of the services mentioned below on a monthly basis.

  • Recording all financial data in the Software/ Ms Excel
  • Payroll
  • VAT and Tax
  • Receivables and Payables tracking
  • Maintaining Petty cash
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Preparing Budgets
  • Preparation of Contracts and legal deeds
  • Verifying expenses
  • Preparing monthly financial statements in adherence to applicable laws and regulations
  • Assisting auditors during Statutory Audit.
  • Any Consultancy/Advisory Service needed by the client
  • Bank Loan Obtaining
  • Asset Valuation for Business and Individuals
  • Asset Valuation for Visa
  1. Secretarial Services

Secretarial services are provided to assist the operational, formation, structural alteration and regulatory compliance aspects of the company.

This includes

  • Company Formation
  • Company Liquidation
  • Trade license obtaining & renewal
  • IRC/ERC obtaining & renewal
  • BOI certificate
  • Preparation of Article and Memorandum of Association
  • Preparing SOP (Standard Operations Procedure)
  • Preparing Financial and Operational Guidelines
  1. Payroll Services

Services are provided to verify the payroll procedure by examining the salary calculation process that includes tax deducted at source.

  1. Feasibility Study

Services are provided to verify the financial viability and practicality of various undertakings that the client may wish to partake in.

  1. Asset Revaluation

The valuation services are provided to assess the fair value of the Assets & Liabilities of the organisation, in line with the applicable provisions of The IAS, IVS & BSEC

  1. Any kind of legal business registration
  2. Branding
  3. Business advising
  4. Policy making
  5. Values
  6. Positioning
  7. MOU
  8. Form I: Declaration on registration of Company;
  9. Form VI: Notice of situation of registered office;
  10. Form IX: Consent of director to act;
  11. Form X: List of persons consenting to be directors;
  12. Form XII: Particulars of the directors, manager and managing agents.
  13. Drafting of Memorandum of Articles and Articles of Association and other required documents,
  14. Directors’ resolution to open a new Company in Bangladesh;
  15. Obtaining and filling up the following forms for registration of the Company to RJSC:
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